To our valued customers,


It is with great sadness that we announce DC Sarnies will be closing on Saturday February 8th. We started this restaurant with two goals in mind:


1) As a testing ground for our bakery's products

2) To try to bring a different type of restaurant in the area


Unfortunatelly, the needs of our bakery customers have changedover the last three years, dictating we test their products in different ways than originally envisioned. We have still tried tremendously hard to make DC Sarnies a valued part of the community that could be self-sustaining enterprise. Try as we might, we have found there just is not enough demand for this type of restaurant in this area at this time.


We would rather close now and celebrate what DC Sarnies has been and has meant to us than see it turn into something different. We want to sincerely thank all of our loyal customers, employees, suppliers, and community members who have supported us over the last nearly three years. This restaurant and everyone who was part of it will always hold a speacial place in our hearts.


We hope you come out for at least one last meal to say goodbye and to give us a chance to say thank you one last time.


Thank You,


The DC Sarnies Family